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Episode 5: Pubic Poking

I decided to keep it short and sweet this week, so I tackled two topics that popped up on my radar recently: pubic grooming and pregnant sex. Also, I want to hear YOUR favorite sex myth or piece of terrible advice. Let’s get informed and (even more) sexy.

This week’s links:
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The Ultimate G Vibrator

Episode 4: Hookup Depression

This week I share some thoughts on the Ultimate G vibrator and answer a question about drunk hookups. Also, Jeff is back to followup the followup we got from last week’s foreplay question and talk about partner depression.

Ultimate G
Sustainable Pleasure – Sex Toy Recycling

Episode 3: Swinging Foreplay

This week I am still sick, so my partner Jeff helps me answer questions on foreplay, polyamory, and breaking the ice.

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Epsiode 2: Love and Protection

This week Kelsey of Girls on Girls and MNMOM fame stops by the studio to lend a hand at answering a few questions. This week’s topics include condom usage, long distance relationships and new love.

Find Kelsey on twitter @angelea_k