Episode 1: Welcome to the Party

Welcome to the first episode of the &sex podcast! Today you’ll get a bit of a back story and then jump right in to some Q&A. Also, a PSA on the benefits of sexy toy recycling. Go green, get green.

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  1. N/a

    Hey. Is this an okay way to submit a question? Or do you have an email? I just want to be as anonymous as possible.

      1. N/a

        Awesome! Thanks. I hadn’t listened to try first episode before commenting and felt super dumb.

        My question is pretty intense I think. My significant other and I have been in a relationship for several years. We are generally very happy and, more often than not, that’s the case. The depression I experience comes when the bedroom talk starts. My partner is not a big fan of foreplay and I prefer it to sex. Stereotypically, the foreplay is what the woman desires more of and the man just wants sex. This is not the case here. I am a very passionate person and I feel like I’m burdening her. She is always tired and so hard on herself. I feel like her poor self image might be the cause of her wanting to just get to sex and get it over. And I want to clarify that I am not a horrible person who puts her down. I compliment her often and I always mean it and I try my best to convey to her how much I care about her and appreciate her. So I guess my main question is how can I improve our naughty no-no time? Do you think I can do anything to make her more passionate? Because right now I feel like I’m an asshole when I try to be passionate because I’m trying to get her to do something she doesn’t want to do. There’s a question in here somewhere.

        TL;DR: My significant other just wants to sex. I’m much more passionate and foreplay is really important. She’s a girl. I’m a guy. Any way I can improve this issue? Because I want to be passionate but not be a burdening or selfish asshole.

        You don’t have to read the main body. too much text. I understand.

  2. anon4cec

    It’s pretty universally known that men prefer sex without condoms. Do women prefer sex with or without condoms? From both a psychological and physical perspective.

  3. andsex Post author

    Oooo…Excellent question, friend! I’ll give you my answer this Wednesday on episode number two!

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