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Episode 26: C. Amanda Boutahorse, Part 1

This episode, the lovely C. Amanda Boutahorse comes by the studio to answer a listener question and talk about the art of burlesque.

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Episode 21: Condoms & Penises

This week is all about two new items on the market: a 24-hour condom delivery service and a penis pedometer. Plus, news on an upcoming burlesque class.

L. Condoms: Love Naturally
SexFit: The world’s first couple’s sexual fitness tracker
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Episode 20: Sex Work and Pee

Just as the title suggests, this episode is about where to find sex work (that doesn’t involve nudity) and fun facts about urine. Also talked about: the recent SCOTUS decision on healthcare and burlesque.

If you are interested in coming to a burlesque class or performing in a burlesque show, here’s some contact info! (Keep in mind this will be in Central Pennsylvania.)
Email &sex
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