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Episode 35: Contraception II

The continuation of the contraception discussion. This episode is all about barriers, natural planning, permanent contraception, and a brief touch on abortion.

CDC – Contraception
Planned Parenthood Birth Control


Episode 21: Condoms & Penises

This week is all about two new items on the market: a 24-hour condom delivery service and a penis pedometer. Plus, news on an upcoming burlesque class.

L. Condoms: Love Naturally
SexFit: The world’s first couple’s sexual fitness tracker
Burlesque Workshop with C. Amanda Bouthorse

Epsiode 2: Love and Protection

This week Kelsey of Girls on Girls and MNMOM fame stops by the studio to lend a hand at answering a few questions. This week’s topics include condom usage, long distance relationships and new love.

Find Kelsey on twitter @angelea_k